kleintierschaukel | untruc

tracktitleuntrucinterpretkleintierschaukeltrackversion originalrelease date26.01.2024

„Untruc” (un truc [tʀyk] in French) is the second single released on koffermusik. It is a kind of magical daimon finally let out of his lamp by Kleintierschaukels’ wish. In the echoes of mysterious, gentle, floating sounds of traditional instruments, unfold like the veils of an enchanting desert night. Full of confidence, the daimon unleashes his vivid oriental melody, inviting you on a journey through sand dunes and starlit skies, transforming darkness into radiant oases of hope. Spreading a spark of optimism, weaving like a luminous thread through the listeners’ hearts. Gute Reise!

mastering by jamminmasters.de